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Test Strip Blood Glucose Test Strips AimStrip® Plus 50 Strips per Pack
Sold by: BX OF 50

Test Strip Blood Glucose Test Strips AimStrip® Tandem 50 Strips per Box
Sold by: BX OF 50

Solution Blood Glucose Control Solution Germaine™ 3.5 mL Level 1, 2 & 3
Sold by: BX OF 3

Microcuvette HemoCue® Glucose 201 Diabetes Management Blood Glucose For HemoCue® Glucose 201 Blood Glucose Analyzer 100 Tests 5 µL Sample Size (Perishable product; must be refrigerated; non-returnable), (Expiry date lead 90 days) DROP SHIP ONLY

Meter Blood Glucose Assure® Platinum 7 Second Results Stores Up To 500 Results , 7 , 14 , and 30 Day Averaging Auto Coding
Sold by: EA OF 1

Control Blood Glucose Control Solution Assure® Dose 2 X 2.5 mL Level 1 & 2
Sold by: BX OF 2

Strips Blood Glucose Assure® Platinum No Coding CLIA Waived (50/BX 12BX/CS)
Sold by: BO OF 50

Strips Blood Glucose Test Strips Accu-Chek® Aviva Plus 50 Strips per Box Tiny 0.6 microliter drop For Accu-Chek® Aviva Blood Glucose Meter (50/VL 36VL/CS)
Sold by: BX OF 50

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