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Yankauer Suction Rigid w/ regular tip, AMSure® Yankauer Style NonVented Sterile in tyvek pouch
Sold by: BX OF 50

Tube Suction Argyle™ Yankauer Style 34 Fr. NonVented Bulb Tip Sterile Rigid (50/CS)
Sold by: CS OF 50

Canister with Connector PREVENA PLUS™ 150 mL
Sold by: CS OF 5

Drain Wound Drain Tube Bard® Silicone Full-Fluted Style 10 Fr. Size
Sold by: CS OF 10

Drain Wound Silicone Flat Jackson Pratt 10MM x 20CM Full Perforation low vacuum w/o trocar (1/EA 80/CS)
Sold by: EA OF 1

Handle Suction Tube Yankauer Suction Medi-Vac w/12 foot Non-Conductive Tubing (1/EA 25CS)
Sold by: EA OF 1

Reservoir Bulb Dual Port Only 400cc Silicone No Trocar Suction Wound Drain Bulb Lg VL Jackson-Pratt® (1/EA 10/CS)
Sold by: EA OF 1

Liner Suction Canister Thin-Wall w/Filter w/Lid Shut-Off Valve Medi-Vac®CRD 3000 ml (1/EA 50/CS)
Sold by: EA OF 1

Drain Wound Surgical Jackson-Pratt® Perforated/Round End Perforation 10Fr Silicone With Trocar (80/CS)
Sold by: CS OF 80

Handle Suction Tube Medi-Vac® Yankauer Style Non-Vented w/Bulbous Tip (1/EA 50/CS)
Sold by: EA OF 1

Tubing Medi-Vac Suction 10 Foot Length 0.25 Inch I.D. Sterile Maxi-Grip and Male / Male Connector Clear Smooth OT Surface NonConductive Plastic (1/EA 25/CS)
Sold by: EA OF 1

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