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Cell Sampler Endometrial Biopsy Curette Endocell 3.1 mm Tip Straight Oval Loop Tip (35/BX 6BX/CS)
Sold by: BX OF 35

Tube Urine Collection BD Vacutainer® Plus C & S Preservative Urinalysis Tube Round Bottom Boric Acid / Sodium Formate / Sodium Borate Preservative Additive 13 X 75 mm 4 mL Gray Conventional Closure Plastic Tube (100/BX 10BX/CS)
Sold by: BX OF 100

Collector Urine Pediatric Bag Dover™ Polyethylene 100 mL (3.4 oz.) Adhesive Closure Unprinted NonSterile Specimen size (50/BX 10BXS/CS)
Sold by: BX OF 50

Container Graduated Triangular Measuring Polystyrene, 1,000 mL (32 oz.) (1/EA 200/CS)
Sold by: EA OF 1

Tubes & Cap, Cultubes™ Test Tube Round Bottom Plain 12 X 75 mm 5 mL Without Color Coding Screw Cap Polystyrene Tube
Sold by: CS OF 500

Swab Specimen Collection FLOQSwabs® 100 mm Breakpoint from Tip End Sterile #23-600-950
Sold by: PK OF 100

Container Beaker Urine Specimen Container with Integrated Transfer Device 100 mL (3.4 oz.) Screw Cap Unprinted Sterile
Sold by: CS OF 200

Cytobrush Cervical Cell Collection Device Papette® Sterile (100/PK 10PK/CS)
Sold by: BX OF 100

Curette Nasal Rhino-Pro® Single-ended Handle Straight Cup Tip
Sold by: BX OF 100

Pipette Dropette® Transfer Pipette 7 mL (500/BX 10BX/CS)
Sold by: BX OF 500

Kit Pap Smear 1 Slide, 1 Cervical Scraper, 1 Cytology Brush, 1 Foil Pouch Fixative Pap-Pak Cytology Kit Safetex No-touch # 230080
Sold by: PK OF 25

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