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Ball Cotton Curity™ Medium 100% Cotton NonSterile (500/BG 8BG/CS)
Sold by: BG OF 500

Ball Cotton Curity™ Large 100% Cotton NonSterile (100/BG 10BG/CS)
Sold by: BG OF 200

Cotton Roll 1 lb Bulk Rolled Cotton Dukal™ Cotton 1-Ply 12 Inch Width Roll Shape NonSterile
Sold by: BX OF 12

Balls Cotton Non-Sterile Medium ProAdvantage (2000/BG, 2BG/CS)
Sold by: BG OF 2000

Balls Cotton Non-Sterile ProAdvantage Large (1000/BG 2BG/CS)
Sold by: BG OF 1000

Roll Cotton Dental Non-Sterile Medium Tidi® Cotton 3/8 X 1-1/2 Inch Cylindrical NonSterile (50/PK 40PK/CS)
Sold by: PK OF 50

Ball Rayon Medium Rayon NonSterile (2000/BG 2BG/CS)
Sold by: BG OF 2000

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